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    Hy I wonder if you can send me the link to download the raspberry img.
    I would be happy to test it because i like this project.
    I’v tested a lots of thermostats projects with raspberry but this is the first one that has an wifi sensor


    Hi Gabriel,

    welcome to the forum and thank you for testing the apps.

    I sent you the link to download the image for the pi in a private mail.

    Please be aware that the version for the Android Things is only a developer preview, and some things are not working very well. We are having problems with the google login, and some users are unable to get the connected sensor/relay to work.

    I hope we will solve those problems in the next versins.

    Do you need instructions to install the image on the Pi?

    best regards

    R. Campos.


    after installing the image to the raspberry how can i connect it to network?


    Hi Gabriel,

    the most easy way to install the img on the pi is to use the Android Things Setup Utility. You read more about this utility here


    The steps are:

    – connect your Pi with an ethernet cable to you home network. You can take a look in your router to see which ip address your Pi has (you will need to know the ip address for later).
    – flash the img on the sd card with the setup utility following “wifi option” path.
    – follow the instructions on the screen.

    When finished, your pi should be connected to your home network using the wlan adapter.



    I was wondering if you could help me out with the link to the image you created, as I am looking forward to give this some testing.
    Many thanks in advance, or gracias!



    Hi Rik,

    the development for the Pi version is stopped at this moment. We are waiting for google to do some move with the Android Things operating system. The Android Things OS is in a developer preview phase now, and it is not ready yet for a massive distribution of the image.

    I would beg you to register to our newsletter to stay tunned. I will send out you a newsletter with development news and of course as soon as something with the Pi version happens, you will be notified.

    Apologizes and regards.

    R. Campos.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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