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    Like the title of my topic, I try to obtain the QR Code from my Master device to connect the client device, but every times i try that, I obtain only an error message and after that no any QR code to connect the client application (see picture attached).

    Can someone help me?
    Thanks a lot


    Sorry…the picture are attached in this message.


    Hi there!

    May you try to clear all the data related to the app? Uninstalling the app and installing it again should work too.

    After that, please login again with your google account, and look if the QR code is displayed.

    Please let me know if this works. If it works (it should work), maybe this problem appear again in the future. In the case if appears again in the future, would you let me know?



    thanks for your quick reply.
    Unfortunately I already installed from 0 the app, because I was need after a full reset of my master device.
    Have you any other suggestion?



    thank you again for the feedback. I did a little bit of debugging, and found an error on the server-side, causing the app not to be able to communicate correctly with the server.

    May you clear all the data of the app (or reinstall) again, and login again? Let’s see if the fix has been of any help.

    If it doesn’t work, please provide the Android version you are installing the app on.

    Thank you in advance.



    Now it’s ok.
    I’ve removed and reinstalled the app and after a new configurtion I’ve conected the client app on my phone.

    Now I have only a question, if may I ask you.
    All my programs profiles of the temperature timer, now are lost? I can’t found they in the master or client app.
    Do they are not saved on my profile?
    Thanks for your help



    I’m glad it worked.

    The programs profiles are saved to the cloud on your profile. Please, double-check that you are login in with the same Google account that you used when creating the programs. If you are unsure which account you used, please contact me with a private message, and we can have a look at it.



    Unfortunately I tried to search my old program profile set in the past season, but now I have only the default program profile.
    I use the same Google login profile I used in the previously login.
    Can you help me to recover my lost programs profile (two profile. One for winter and one for holidays.)?
    Thanks in advance



    Hi there,

    I have reviewed how the app works (I developed it a long time ago and don’t remember every detail), and I’m sorry to inform you that the programs are deleted when the nodes are scaned again. I suppose you in the meanwhile you scanned for new nodes.

    You will have to configure them again, sorry for the inconvenience.

    R. Campos

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