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    c svc sv

    Air conditioning is used in a great many places. This should be possible with the current hardware, but would need three relays, one for heat, one for cooling, and one for fan, (which may be run independent of the others).

    The Android app looks great, and much of the work is already done. Multi sensors is a good idea. Sometimes just running the fan will even out temps in a dwelling.

    A list of things needed:

    Individual calibration offsets for each sensor.
    Hysteresis setting for heating and cooling.
    A wall display with buttons, a small OLED could work.
    Short-run protection for the cooling compressor, it needs time to equalize pressure, maybe 5 minutes minimum between restarts.
    Possibility to use other sensors, like the one from Bosch or the DS18B20, or similar.
    Relays should be single coil latching relays, like is common for these controllers, cheaper than solid state, but requires an IC chip. (MAX4821 3,030 € ?) and four or five control lines from the ESP. (Generates no heat to mess up the temp sensor.)
    Runs on local network without need for internet.
    Web app is OK, but not with spam. A reasonable cost for the app is OK.
    There are other examples of this done before but they are using obsolete hardware and no good web app.
    Some have even used a retired cellphone, but touch screens can be too touchy.
    Data logging and graphing in the app should be good.


    Hi CSV,

    thank you for your suggestions. Normally I work on the app two or three months a year after the sommer. I will take your suggestions in account.

    I tried the ds18b20 in the past, but I was unable to make it work with the ESP. I will try again in the future.

    Thanks !

    Lyon SanksLyon Sanks

    Hi…. I’m having some trouble if making sense of how to set the indoor regulators between the front and back for cooling. Furthermore, how to keep temperatures adjusted.
    Where are the temperature sensors found? At the point when I request that the indoor regulator show the current temperature, the readings between zones can be distinctive by as much as 5 degrees. I can’t tell if there is an issue that necessities to revealed for guarantee work.
    Since both A/Cs join into one channel to support the entire trailer, how have you adjusted the vents?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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