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    Stevan VukovićStevan Vuković

    The idea is great. BUT…!!!
    I’ve been testing and I’m still testing …

    ☆ MAJOR thing !!! ☆
    There is no way (not to say = NEVER) that an IP address can be used as a method to access nodes. On the first attempt (YES), when we found him and approached him, he was obliged to “lock” him with the MAC ADDRESS.

    I came across a few more problems / bad solutions / bugs / …

    1. When MIN or MAX allowed temperatures are set, it is no longer possible to change / adjust the temperature with the arrows.
    Simply put, it “knocks”. Then it can only be changed by “turning.”

    2. If I added another sensor with another ESP32, set it up only for the sensor to measure the temperature. I set the Calibration to -1 ° C, because on the main ESP32 with DHT22 & RELE it shows the correct temperature, it applies the same calibration value to both sensors! That’s not GOOD at all. Each sensor must have its own calibration. One calibration cannot be used for all sensors.

    3. In the “Programs” section
    ! Required, but MANDATORY to add that settings from one day to another can be copied.

    Sugestion !!!
    1. It is a horrible resource request for ESP32 to be used for 1 temp. sensor and for 1 relay. It should be possible to add more DHT sensors to measure the temperature and, if necessary, select a certain number of seasons in the setting (with some already fixed outputs) and limit them to eg MAX 5, 10 pieces per ESP32. So let’s choose which sensor is the main one for “relay” ON/OFF or some medium temperature …

    2. Add the possibility, as many DHT sensors, that as many relays can be added (eg, that each sensor be connected to its relay). This would give the device the ability to control multiple devices.
    Why? Because in that case they could have an interdependent setting for each room separately.
    Something like this, NPR:
    – in the bedroom would temp. was = 20 ° C
    – in the bathroom would temp. = 25 ° C
    – in the living room would temp. was = 23 ° C
    – in the children’s room temp. = 24 ° C
    – in the kitchen the temp. was = 22 ° C
    – in the garage temp. = 15 ° C
    – … … …

    So much for me to praise a good project and a good idea, but there is still much to be done.

    Good luck and just keep going.

    One more question:   😏
    What would BOOST MODE do?

    P.S. In the English version, with the Premium version, in the choice of which subscription I want to choose, the description remained in Spanish, an accidental mistake I suppose. 😉

    And if I choose 1 year for example, does it mean that if I want to get the Software Update that comes out, do I have to pay that amount every year? Payment is only for one year?
    This is then a very, very large amount and compensation for such a gadget. Much larger, stronger and more stable programs are bought for life. So if they evolve, they evolve.



    Hi Stevan!

    Thank you for your feedback. I will take a look at the issues you found, but I can not promise when. I’m working full-time on another project now :S

    (2) Yes, that’s a known issue, and it’s on my todo list. I will fix this someday.


    1.- I’m not sure if I understand the issue, but you don’t have to use an ESP32 for a DHT+Relay. You can have one esp for a relay, and as many esp’s you want with sensors.

    2.- This feature was already requested, but it was out of the scope of this project. The main goal of this project was to replace the classical “wall thermostat”. Of course, it can be done, but the effort does not compensate for the profits.

    Boost mode: Suppose you have programed a target temperature from 20º. With the boost mode, you can set a target temperature, 25º, and a duration for example 60 minutes. The thermostat will try to reach this temperature in the specified time, and 1.- if reached, or 2.- the time is elapsed, then it will continue with the previous settings (20º). It is designed for when you want to heat your home very fast to compensate that it is very cold, but once heated, you can continue with milder temperatures.

    Info about the premium version: You don’t need to buy the premium version to receive updates or to use the app. The premium version removes the ads and unlocks some features, like the alarms, the boost mode and so on. But if you are happy with the ads, then you don’t need the premium version. Actually the premium version is a way to compensate the developer (me), for the effort of developing 😉


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